[PREMIERE] Kat Vinter: Downtime (Vimes Remix)

Kat Vinter Downtime (Vimes Remix The Vimes' Remix of Kat Vinter's tune 'Downtime' is perfect for a night drive through a '90s video game. That or perhaps it can serve as the soundtrack to your ethereal underwater photoshoot where you happen to be wearing extremely billowy ball gowns and striking poses like a ballerina. It's equal parts light and bounce-y, modern and vintage, surf day or casino night. It just charges the atmosphere with mystery and maybe a little silly, stupid magic. It's the kind of song you want as your wing man at a party because you know it gets along with everyone.

"The Vimes remix of Downtime offers a lighter more Summery perspective of the original. Like dappled light dancing among the shadows, the sounds are buoyant, lush and fresh. New hooks are created by playfully pitched and stretched vocals, as they become less a plea for intimacy, than a celebration of it. I hope and imagine that people will play it on their road trips and at their festival campsites." -Kat Vinter

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