[PREMIERE] Quilici: Big Glass House


Quilici follows his debut single, “Infinity Pool,” with genre-bending pop narrative “Big Glass House.” The 21-year-old Laurel Canyon native combines his colorful singer/songwriter sensibilities with electronic production elements in this collaboration with producer Cary Singer of Nite Swim. The track was also mastered by Riley Knapp of RKCB.

Musically, the track draws upon a wide range of influences with moments reminiscent of old Motown grooves, Queen-esque guitar sounds, lush and pulsing synths, and some classic 808 drum sounds. We catch a glimpse into Quilici’s youthful spirit with a narrative about trying to defy the impermanent nature of our world by building a “big glass house”—the hot house for recreating a precious relationship that withered away over time. As the song develops, moments of fragility are visible in the spaces between the huge, confident sections of the song.

With plans to continue recording and putting out new material, Quilici’s first two releases are indicative of those soon to follow.

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