ZZ Ward: LOVE 3X (R3HAB Remix)

ZZ Ward LOVE 3X remixes It's been "such a thrill" slash "a little bit insane but it feels so right" being a part of ZZ Ward's remix week. "LOVE 3X" is a killer track and it's no wonder all these talented remixers signed on to put their own stamp on it. Per usual, RAC hands you a pina colada and takes you poolside, Joywave's is more popcorn-gripping during a horror flick at the cinema, Robert DeLong (below) is for the VIPs dancing into the wee hours at the nightclub, and R3HAB...well, let's just say he's dropping something for the festival goers and may the damn force be with them. May they hold their lightsabers/glow sticks tight because what happens at the 1:17 mark will probably poke an eye out.

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