Hello. Thursday. Remixes.

remixes july 16 Listen up, Speaker of the House has a pretty important announcement in the form of a remix done for The Chainsmokers's "Good Intentions." They'll be a vote at the 1:22 mark so be sure to pay attention and weight in.

If Passion Pit's original "Sleepyhead" doesn't wake you up, let's see if what Cerulean City is up to does the trick. The new production duo come into prominence in fluorescent fashion saying a big debut hello to the world with this remix that packs a danceable punch.

Well, I'm down with Dragonette and I'm down with Chachi, so this one's kind of a no-brainer. As I said before, someone order the night a LIFE ALERT, because it’s about to fall and I’m not sure it’ll be able to get back up if these guys have anything to say about it.

Remix, RemixKKS Staff