[PREMIERE] Sonnengruss Feat. Matt Kovac: Day & Night (Deep Chills Remix)

Sonnengruss Feat Matt Kovac - Day and Night Officially deeming July 17th the new first day (and night) of Summer 2015. Why you ask? Well you obviously haven't hit "play" yet on the track below. Deep Chills comes running around the musical bend with a remix of Sonnengruss's "Day & Night" featuring vocalist Matt Kovac with deep pockets full of sunshine, sunsets and starlight to illuminate all of our summer excursions. It's a choose-your-own-adventure!! I'm choosing a nighttime beach bonfire where I'll be eating enough s'mores to feed an army of fat kids all by myself while enjoying the fresh summery, flute-indebted sounds of "Day & Night" billowing out my boombox. What's yours?

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