EVVY: Tidal Wave

artworks-000123912348-is2bva-t500x500 EVVY is bringing out the big guns this Summer taking her sound up several notches for a very danceable sound. This is the result of a major collavoration between EVVY, BabyDaddy (Scissor Sisters), Mickey Valen and Chris Wallitsch. The track glimmers and shines deep in a technicolor world reminicent of pop from the past 20 years.

Our eyes were fixed on EVVY after her self-titled debut EP, which featured the single “Got Me Movin’”. Immiting nothing but positive vibes and sheer raw live talent, she was called one of the best unsigned pop talents in New York.

Keep an eye out for the cooresponding music video coming out soon, and listen for Tidal Wave to kick off this weeks WEFOUNDNEWMUSIC podcast out on Wednesday.