Class Actress: High On Love (Dave Edwards Remix)

artworks-000125217286-7rym3m-t500x500 Progressive is out, Deep and Tropical are in, and there's a seemingly endless supply of producers suddenly churning out summer friendly tunes with varying levels of success. Just listen to the latest single from Calvin Harris - the reigning king of festival friendly EDM - to see the massive shift that's taking place in electronic music.

Dave Edwards, a Kick Kick Snare regular and Hype Machine vet, is a prime example of a producer who's keeping his sound current without falling into clichés or predictable trends, as his new remix for recent Republic/Casablanca signee Class Actress shows. If this track hits you like it hit me, you're about to feel a sudden urge to get your weekend started much earlier than planned - with this on repeat.

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