Hello. Tuesday. Remixes.

remixes sept 1 Let's ride off into the sunset with The Golden Pony's new remix until there's nothing left behind us. Not an exhausting to-do list, not a cranky boss hovering over your shoulders, not even Kygo himself dancing with the power of 100 gospel choirs in our rear view as he tries to flag us down and hitch a ride. This is on that next gallop level with no horse (pony) whip needed.

Came for Years & Years, stayed for Jerry Folk. This falls into that category of no-brainer. With three million eighteen thousand and fifty three remixes of "Desire" polluting every blogger's inbox, this is the one fans have been waiting for. There's something NC17-rated about the production, but since I can't put my finger on it, I'm just going to throw my entire self on it, instead.

Stuck in a dream aka Pat Lok's latest remix. Not to speak on Autograf's behalf but...don't pinch me. I'm conflicted whether I should reference this to a Tempurpedic mattress or suggest it as the new soundtrack for those sheep to jump over your bed at night - but this to me feels like one of those dreams you want to stay awake for.

Remix, RemixKKS Staff