Frank Gamble: MYTHS

Frank Gamble MYTHS Yes. Sí. Oui. Ha’an-ji. Haan. Ja. Sim. Da. Ken. Howdo. Tak. Hai. Hanji. Add the rest of the world's yeses here. Frank Gamble can be more than myths and whatever he damn well pleases with tracks like this. And that artwork? You know I have a soft spot in my heart for those with attention to detail - Frank, you can wrap my head in floral print, kidnap and hold me hostage in your studio anytime. I inquired upon seeing the art, but stayed for the incredible song that ensued which I've now replayed multiple times. I need more information. Whose vocals are these? Where is Frank Gamble located? Can we be BFFs? Who are his influences? Is Frank a he? Is this the first of many tracks to come? Is there a fan club? I'm offering to fill the role of President and make buttons and mail out autographs.

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