[PREMIERE] Kodiak Blue: Zapusk

artworks-000129485846-0e3cwp-t500x500 Today we bring you the debut track from London based producer and songwriter Harrison Cargill aka Kodiak Blue. You may recognize the name as Cargrill used to front dark pop duo Lost In Tundra. He’s now flying solo and ‘Zapusk’ is a raucous introduction to his glitchy, bass line heavy, groove enthused new project. ‘Zapusk’ (the Russian word for ‘launch) is the first single to be taken from Kodiak Blue’s debut EP ‘Sputnik’, a series of six electronic tracks, each individually inspired by a different phase of the Soviet Satellite’s journey into space. Certainly brave stuff to announce yourself with a concept EP, but Kodiak Blue pulls it off effortlessly with a superb first impression and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

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