Brick + Mortar: Hollow Tune (Music Video)

Brick + Mortar Hollow Tune (Music Video) copy Admittedly, it takes a lot for me to commit to watching a music video these days, let alone posting about it. KKS is like the MTV of blogs in that we're normally busy using songs and pop culture to ramble on about our own daily realities. But, you know, sometimes the focus organically shifts to a project that's digging deep with a message that's more important than yourself and one worth sharing. Such is the case with Brick + Mortar's new music video for "Hollow Tune."

Rosco of Blurred Pictures, the director and writer of Brick + Mortar's new music video, had this to say about the project: "A few words from the director and writer: We trashed three full scripts in the process of finding the story for the Hollow Tune video. Ultimately, it was comments from people stating how the song had changed their lives or helped them get through tough times, how this piece of music had a profound effect on their very existence. The words "you're not alone" became so central. I knew we had to create a story representing characters that are underrepresented and in turn speak to all people underrepresented. People that may be struggling to find or accept their identity or circumstances. We knew we had to send a message to all people...That they are not alone."

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