Olivver The Kid: World on Fire

artworks-000131320712-u925lg-t500x500 Ever since Attica ’71 from the Freak EP, which every blogger, adult and music lover shared and raved about, Olivver The Kid has been on a roll working on a new release, with “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” EP, dropping October 16th, and my favorite song from the release, “World on Fire”.

The LA-based songwriter/producer has completely set my world on fire with this one; I mean, this is like Bastille, but 100x better… and we went Bastille-crazy the past few years, but with pseudo-drums, and glorious vocal cuts, alongside an absolutely massive chorus, Olivver has done it again with a pop smash.

I’d suggest listening to the whole EP though, as all together, it really makes sense, and proves that The Kid is by far, one of electronic-pop’s ones-to-watch for 2016 as he will begin to break playlists once again…

You can listen to World on Fire here:

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