Hello. Thursday. Remixes.

remixes oct 8 Because it's not September, but it should be. Even though LA is always a hundred degrees and one earthquake away from breaking off into the ocean, the transition from Summer to Fall is never easy. Here to ease the pain is Taylor Wise and a remix he did of an Earth Wind & Fire classic. It could quite possibly double as an earthquake depending on how loud you play it, so I better bring around the yacht JIC.

Normally I'd be on the verge of suicide being bombarded by 378,948,833 producers remixes that shit out of a buzz track. Opened Adesse Versions's take on Midnight To Monaco's breakout single with trepidation but I should have known better being endorsed by Future Classic it's obviously worthy of the many listens to come.

I see you, Luka. I hear you, Luka. Your edit of Panama's "Jungle" marks the spot. I big ol' X on a treasure map that I'd sacrifice ruining a new pair of shoes for if buried in an actual jungle. I should add, I just set up a new pair of monitors in my office and the bass you just delivered here wrapped its arms around the room like a comfy bear hug.

Mark Redito's remix of Saosin's "7 Years" is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you're like a minute in and all "ok, I'm into this" the 1:37 mark hits and your body starts dancing like 100 dollar bills are falling from the sky. By the time 2:22 hits you're filthy rich and letting everyone know with stank faces stankier than Nicki Minaj on a good one.

Remix, RemixKKS Staff