[PREMIERE] Trevor James Tillery: The Dissonance Between Us (BIYO Remix)

Trevor James Tillery The Dissonance Between Us (BIYO Remix) If your Wednesday wasn't full of tropical vibrations before, you'll be be coated in a fierce amount of cheetah print after this. Jungle rhythms, glassy pianos, and haunting birdcalls coalesce into a slow burner that feels precisely like a non-stop heater. With the breathy vocals of Trevor James Tillery on top and the buzzing square waves beneath, BIYO shows us what it's all about on their rendition of The Dissonance Between Us. Check out what BIYO themselves have to say about it below!

"We opened the stems Trevor sent us, solo'ed his voice, and sat back. His vocal track is beautifully haunting, and the music reflects that in a smooth, floating ambience. Then we flipped it and made it a dark, ugly haunt." - BIYO

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