CANVAS: Another Time feat. Andrew Montgomery

1500-1500-CANVAS-ANOTHER-TIME-BLACK-560x560 "Another Time" by Swedish duo CANVAS is the perfect track to show off your sensitive side while keeping the party going. Picture this - you're hosting a house party. It's Halloween and you're dressed like a sexy lumberjack or an iPhone 6 and in walks Betty Boop or maybe a mummy whose threads have conveniently come undone around the six-pack area. Sparks fly as you dance across the room from one another. Then you cue this song, lock eyes, and dance real emotional like towards one another because there are so many layers to your playlist and your soul. Obviously! This song has a cool, uptempo vibe with just enough androgynous vocal power to keep it interesting. My favorite sound effect reminds me of playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo and gathering up gold coins.

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