Micky Blue: Firebird

artworks-000135592305-qhbo0g-t500x500 NYC haunted pop songstress is back with her 4th track "Firebird" off her debut EP 'Wild Things'. Once again she has teamed up with indie pop producer Mickey Valen and writers Lyon Hart and Joren Van Der Voort.

Micky gave us the inside scoop on her single, "I was inspired by a close friend who is gay and struggled coming out to friends and family. She gave me a beautiful book called "The Firebird and other Russian Tales" which became one of my favorites growing up. The song is inspired not only by this book, but by her beautiful and emotional journey."

Micky's soaring vocals compliment the fun pop-jam production on this Micky/Mickey collab! Full EP expected to be released this Fall.

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