Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon: Married to the Game Tour

Dirt Nasty Mickey Avalon Years back, Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon had a falling out and it was like my parents divorcing all over again, but worse. No weekend visits. No overcompensating with lavish gifts to make up for ruining my life. No child support checks to help pay for therapy. You get the point. But lo and behold, Cupid must have been on a good one because guess who kissed and made up?

Last month, fans were given proof to the above in the form of "Netflix & Chill." Ask yourself: Is there anything better than a nice mellow evening at home watching Netflix and chilling? Probably not. Well, maybe if Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon announced a 33-city tour across America along with a fuckload of opportunities to win tickets, VIP access, meet and greets, merch, and more. How about a free album, too? Sure! Real life, it's a few days a way. I know, Karma herself is drunk and smiling over at us right now.

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Dirt Nasty Tour Dates 2016

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