Deer Feat. Martin King: All Alone

Deer This Deer track featuring Martin King is all the vibes. I'm always into quirky tunes that layer interesting sounds with smooth, emotional lyrics. You can nerd out to All Alone and listen with your giant noise canceling headphones and dissect all the layers. Or you can just hit play and bob your head and come up with an interpretive dance that your dog really doesn't care for. I'd file this song in the inbetweeners category. You know when you want to slow dance with your crush, but you don't want the song to be too slow because then it's awkward and what if you have nothing to talk about and he/she is just looking off into the distance over your shoulder wondering if anyone spiked the punch? Well, this is the inbetweener track. Slow sometimes, not so slow other times. It's the perfect balance so your slow dance doesn't end in total humiliation in front of the parent chaperones.

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