Hoodie Allen Feat. Blackbear & KYLE: Champagne And Pools

Hoodie Allen Out of my top 10 things I get down with, you can bet champagne and pools are on that list. "Laying by the palm tress, what else do you want from me?" Nothing, just let the track play and get Blackbear and KYLE mic'd up. And obviously, most importantly, duh, Hoodie too. He tells us, "Champagne and Pools is a song about feeling used by someone for material things when all you want is something real in your life." Being a billionaire myself, I can totally relate. There are some lame ass losers on Planet Basic and their numbers seem to be growing. Luckily, the rest of us can all migrate to a Hoodie show near you and hold each other and tell each other it's all gonna be alright.

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