Day-Before-Thanksgiving Musical Appetizers

mixed bad nov 25 "And baby, it's amazing I'm in this maze with you." Although that whole "one day you here, one day you there, one day you care," really is so unfair so don't make me go Real Housewives on you throw my glass of wine on you. Or in this case, you can see me sipping from this cup 'till it runneth over, Holy Grail! Listen to Adieu's remix of the Jay-Z slash Justin Timberlake crowd-pleaser, as the young producer keeps things smooth and mellifluous but with a unique twist and shout.

Need an S.O.S.? Admittedly, I'm caught in the middle of the famous day-before-Thanksgiving struggle: work work work and eat eat eat. I can literally hear my family downstairs, glasses clinking, dogs playing, and I want to put on a chef's apron and start basting a bird. At the same time, my blogger addiction prevails and here I am typing away. Taking the above into consideration, Slumberjack's "Enigma" featuring GRRL PAL is the perfect soundtrack for me. It has a lot going on in a good way - relaxed moments to take deep breaths to, and orchestration that's as tense as Grandpa stepping away from dinner with the table cloth still stuck in his pants.

What do Tayá and Sángo have in common besides a diacritic acute "a" in their names? Whether your "Fingerprints" arch, loop or whorl, these two artists will leave a lasting impression with their brand new track.

Repping South London, youngen KYKO steps into prominence with a new single, "Pull Me Up." The way this singer-songwriter fuses his feel-good guitar rhythms with his soulful vocal tone is something fresh that will prick up your ears.

Imagine all these guys sat around the dinner table. I'm not religious but I think Kill Them With Colour's remix of "Found Your Love" by Oliver Nelson would be the perfect grace. Heir would be expected to take the lead and if anyone tried to peek at the food or sneak a bite, you'd be sent to the kid's table with a tiny chair and sippy cup. Trying to not make this too Thanksgiving themed since it's not exactly a holiday the entire world celebrates, but this is something I'd be thankful for just the same. Amen. Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir - Found Your Love (Kill Them With Colour Remix)