BBC Sound Of 2016

bbc sound of 2016 The United Kingdom is known for a lot of great things like tea, The Beatles, David Beckham's foot, and handsome royal gingers. But, as we all know, they also seem to have a super high output of incredible musicians. Plus, UK-based bloggers, music types, and influencers have a way of predicting who's going to blow up in the new year. Maybe it's a sixth sense. Maybe it's a secret ingredient in steak kidney pie.. who knows! What I do know is that everyone should pay attention to BBC Music's Sound of 2016 List. In the past, their selections have included Adele, Ellie Goulding, and Haim. So - basically they're known to nail it. Have a listen and then you can really say you were listening to X band way back when it was 2015.

Find out more and watch videos from some of the highlighted acts, here.