Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.16.36 PM If you haven’t heard the sounds of Space Primates, you should. The UK-based producer duo combines brilliant disco licks and 21st century production chops in a way that few other can match. And after a slew of remixes for artists such as Pixie Lott, Bebe Rexha, and Capital Cities, their forthcoming ascent is imminent. Don’t believe us? Their newest release, an original tune for Lunchmoney Lewis has garnered over 26,000,000 plays on Spotify in just a few short months. But don’t worry – you’re not late to the party. After singing with Dr. Luke's RX Songs their production career is just the beginning to skyrocket. Lucky for us, The musical gurus themmselves took some time of out of their usual state of creation to share a some of their production insights with KKS.

KKS: Hi guys! Great to have you on KKS. I have to say that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Whip It! since it was released a few months back. The internet seems to have caught the same fever I have, as it’s garnered over 24,000,000 streams in the first few months of release. Can you tell us a little a bit about how that tune came about?

Marc: Thanks! It was pretty simple, we were just looking through old Motown acapella's and came across 'Let It Whip' by The Dazz Band. We both thought it was dope so we flipped it and came up with a track around the sample. Lunchmoney ended up hearing it and laid some verses down with Dr Luke. Then Chloe came in and laid down the hook!

KKS: You guys have a notoriously crisp production style. What’s your setup like? Do you prefer analog equipment, go completely in the box, or find a tasteful balance between the two?

M: I'd say it's 60-40 in the box. Working in the box is super simple and convenient, but analog gear has a certain magic to it that we've never got from a plugin that doesn't use samples.

Nathan: My favourite plugins at the moment use analog samples, so gives the best of both!

KKS: On all of your remixes, the mixes sound absolutely pristine. Do you mix your own songs? If you do what’s the hardest thing to get sounding right in the mix?

N: Thanks, we mix all the remixes but we were lucky enough to have Serban Ghenea mix Whip It. I would say getting all the synths to work together is the hardest thing, particularly with the remixes we did, as there was a lot of layering. With our own songs, vocals always take the most time to mix!

M: Also, I'd say just taking your time with sample selection is super important, particularly with drums. If the drums and bass are working together the rest is much easier.

KKS: Who is your dream collaborator?

M: That's a hard question! As a producer aside from Dr Luke it would have to be John Feldman or Max Martin. Artist wise MJ would have been insane!

N: I would love to work with Ne-Yo at some point ...and Florida Georgia Line!

KKS: What’s next for the Space Primates?

M: SMASHES...... haha just joking. We're just going to keep writing and hopefully people will be into what we're doing.

KKS: If you weren’t making beats these days, what is it you think you would be doing?

M: If I wasn't doing music i'd be doing something purely for money so maybe investment banking or something haha.

N: Probably still be playing guitar in wedding bands!

KKS: Alright. One last question. Space Primates. Brilliant name. How’d you come up with it?

N: No crazy story there! Just messaging a bunch of different names between us and the two words came up, put them together and we felt it kinda worked.

KKS: Thanks for taking the time guys.

M: Thanks.

N: Thanks.

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