[PREMIERE] Miami Horror: Cellophane (Remixes)

Miami Horror What do Syre, Moullinex and Loframes all have in common? Do they enjoy long walks on the beach, deep conversation, romance novels? Maybe. But in this case, we're talking about each of them having remixed Miami Horror's "Cellophane," and combining forces to create a bundle of epic proportions. Remember the book series Choose Your Own Adventure? Well, this is sort of like that. Do you follow Loframes? Their remix is giving us some serious arcade slash Autobahn vibes, meaning lots of high scores across multiple levels with no speed limitations.

Or perhaps, do you follow Syre? Since his sound falls into the realm of future-bass and future-house, maybe it'll time travel decades ahead landing you poolside, but where the water floats above ground.

Not your thing? Ok. Then might I suggest following Moullinex. When there's a Portuguese guy involved, you better believe you'll soon feel the effects of uncontrolled debauchery. I'm only half Portuguese and at least R-rated myself, so...

All in all, everything above is up for interpretation. The only difference from the book series though, is that Miami Horror is for ALL ages and meant for repeat adventures. (See you guys at Coachella!)

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