EinarIndra: The Songs Are Over

EinarIndra - The Songs Are Over Who doesn't feel overworked? For most, we refuel on reality TV or by eating twice our body weight. For EinarIndra, he disappears to a cabin in the wilderness for a few days juice fasting, writing and creating sounds. His last moment trip of solidarity saw his return home feeling rejuvenated and toting a collection of tracks that would eventually make up his debut EP.

"The Songs Are Over" is the newest single from EinarIndra's forthcoming debut EP, Stories. If you're a fan of Chris Garneau, and especially his 'Music For Tourists' LP, this will be right up your alley.

“This track like many started out with just a guitar and vocal. It took a few months of reworking and refining before the final version came - before I felt completely satisfied with the whole electronic side of the song” - EinarIndra

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