Louis Futon Feat. ROZES: Wasted On You

louis futon Remember Valentine's Day as a kid in elementary school? Nowadays, teachers insist students choose everyone as a Valentine. Cards for all or none. So even that bitch Suzie who steals my scissors and talks shit on my crafts gets a Valentine card from me? I'm not a fan of making anyone feel made fun of, bullied, unwanted (lord knows I was), but with today's politics I'd probably just opt out. A much better option (for everyone and all ages) is to scrap cards and just share Louis Futon's new single (in whatever format you think is most creative) with your special someone. Tweet it, snap it, share it on your FB wall. Or send a messenger to deliver a boombox and have it queued up, volume maxed. If "Wasted On You" isn't the perfect messaging, then maybe you should rethink the whole thing tbqh. Keep in mind, the ROZES feature is also better than a bouquet of a dozen long stem real ones will ever be, too.

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