Haliia: With You Forever

Haliia With You Forever I think Hawaiian/Sydney duo, Haliia, let their beautiful surroundings sink in down to their fingertips before penning their stunning new single. (Side note: If I let my surroundings sink in, I could write a filthy rap about traffic.) "With You Forever" is the love story between James Blake and Bon Iver. Maybe not in the real-life intimate kind of way, but their music on-the-nightstand next to a flickering Red Currant scented Votivo candle is the equivalent of Haliia. Let their tender vocals, delicately layered production and low ambient hum set the mood behind closed doors and soundtrack your yeses grow louder.

“This song talks about different feelings and the struggles that come from being in a relationship. It’s also about the strong desire to be with someone no matter what” - Haliia

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