Annabel Jones: IOU (Golden Coast Remix)

Annabel Jones IOU Golden Coast Okay. Two things.

1.) We're obsessed with Annabel Jones.

2.) We're obsessed with Golden Coast.

So when this GC remix came tapping on our inbox we sprinted to the nearest keyboard to type it up. The Golden Coast boys take Annabel's slinking bubble-gum bassline and dress it up in groovy tropics. Anchored by billowing bass, they draw up a sizzling sweet top end that transforms the original into a delightfully twisted sonic statement that we keep replaying in our head ceaselessly. And with vocal transformations dotting the topline and hi-octane percussion backing the rhythm section, there's enough ear candy in here to keep you listening from now until 2042. Which, of course, we highly recommend. Peep it below!

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