[PREMIERE] Annabel Jones: IOU (AObeats Remix)

Annabel Jones IOU AObeats remix What was that Mr. Trebek? Yes, We'll take Annabel Jones for 200. And 300. And 500. Also, can you just make her all the categories? Because we'd just like to talk about her for the rest of the show. Awesome. Thank you.

Seriously though, we <3 Annabel. And when she's got a shiny new AObeats remix to turn her latest single into a delectably light romp through trap and tropical, you know we're sitting here juking in our roll chairs. And if you give us just a half hour, we'll choreograph an entire office chair dance routine straight up OK Go style to this heater of a remix. One shot, perfect take. Guaranteed. Try us.

“I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with Aobeats again! He is such a talented guy and I love his interpretation of IOU. AO has very much kept the essence of the track while injecting his own style and personality and I love that, what a skill." - Annabel Jones

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