[PREMIERE] Trevor James Tillery: Song 2 (Blur Cover)

Trevor James Tillery If Song 2 by Blur used to ceaselessly loop in your head in the 90s, prepare for it to - once again - pervade every nook and cranny of your noggin. This downtempo reboot, courtesy of Trevor James Tillery takes us on a twisted nostalgic journey. With raucous guitar replaced by swirling synthesis and bombastic drum tones substituted with pitter-patter percussion, this is the kind of cover tune that sticks. Peep what Trevor James Tillery has to say about it below!

"I used to wait for this song to come on the radio when I was a kid. Then I became even more obsessed with it when the music video came out. It has one of those eternal riffs that can repeat forever. And it was originally written making fun of the grunge scene at the time. I love that. A few months back I was listening to it and wondered what it would sound like slowed down and given an electronic pop feel and replace guitars with piano and synth.” - Trevor James Tillery

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