Falqo: Across The Sea

Falqo - Across The Sea First, Surfin Wavs wins best name for an indie-disco label. Continuing their winning streak, Sydney producer Falqo's new single is their latest offering. "Across The Sea" showcases Falqo's talent working with a variety of percussive sounds, and also his ability to curate a production dream team to set sail with. With Chris Kamzelas and Alex Bennison on guitar, Alex Hewitson on bass, and Kam Salamba (of Olympic Ayres) and his unique vocal sound and style ever-present, someone tack and let's head off into the sunset.

“This song for me represents a turning point in the Falqo sound where you’ll begin to see a lot more live elements, especially when I take it all to the stage.” - Falqo

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