[PREMIERE] Ji Nilsson: Nothing (WoodzSTHLM Reimagination)

Ji Nilsson - Nothing Reimagination (WoodzSTHLM Remix) Put away your tissues! Ji Nilsson's song "Nothing" has been known to squeeze out a few tears - in fact, having hit Spotify's 'Viral 50' we're talking a lot more than a few - but today, we're delighted to premiere Stockholm-based producer WoodzSTHLM's remix (or "Reimagination," if you will) giving the song a new twist. While the original's sentiment of being surrounded with flickering love is still in tact, WoodzSTHLM enraptures listeners with an uplifting sonic landscape giving a less tearful path to Ji Nilsson's finish line.

Following an encounter with Ji Nilsson, WoodzSTHLM shares: "I remember that we talked about how much we both love Disney movies. Because my music is very visual and almost like a landscape, I thought that I would try to do the remix as if it was a song from a Disney movie. I looped 'Little Mermaid' and created the remix based on images from the film."

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