The Chainsmokers: Coachella Q&A + New Single!

The Chainsmokers: Coachella Q&A + New Single!


It may be April Fools' Day, but this is not a joke, The Chainsmokers have not only released a new single today called "Inside Out" featuring Charlee, but we recently had the chance to sit down with them and talk about their upcoming Coachella performance. Q&A and Spotify stream, below!

1. When the Coachella lineup was announced, what's the best reaction you received from a fan, friend, or family member?

You guys do not understand how hard it was for us to land this gig. We want get really into it but lets just say shaking the selfie image was not easy and our team worked extremely hard to get us on this. It was funny though cause the call came in super later like 1AM and we both naturally were super pumped but it was my sister that had the best reacion... 'yay, so me and my friends get artist passes right' haha classic!

2. Are you a Coachella newbie? If so, what are you most excited or most nervous about? If you're a veteran, what's the one story that encapsulates your past Coachella experience? You know, the tale that all your friends make you tell over and over again.

I have never been (Alex) and drew has been once. Drew says its hands down the best time he has ever had at a festival and that means a lot because neither of us actually love attending shows, as ironic as this is... Drew tells me its just a ton of people first weekend with VIP trying to get artist bands haha, but says its just such a great enviroment and the music is so well curated. For us though we are just anxious.. we really have put a lot of time and money into our show. We want to give people something they will remember and thats unique to us. So we have spent months working on our stage, visuals and set of course. So we are just anxious to get there play and then have fun!

3. What's in your Coachella survival bag and does that bag include any extra special add-ons for your set that we can look forward to?

Well we are playing two other festivals both weekends so we want be hanging around much so our survival depends on planes taking off and landing on time! But of course we gonna be talking MDMA at flume and calvin once we finish our sets haha jk... but drew does warn me that we need to have bandanas for the sand storms.

4. What fellow Coachella artist are you most likely to watch front & center both weekends?

We are pretty much missing everyone which sucks, would have loved to see Guns and Roses and Ice Cube :(

5. Post-Coachella, anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe? Do you promise to tell KKS next time you play in LA? Pinky promise?

Hahah we got a lot more music, some really exciting collabs we will be premiering at coachella and then we just launced our dreaming brand shows, which are highly produced out shows of ours that are gonna be next fucking level! Our first one is at red rocks!

Without further ado, listen to The Chainsmokers latest single "Inside Out" featuring Charlee.

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