Era Istrefi: Bonbon (Music Video)

Era Istrefi- Bonbon When a clip of a Major Lazer meets “Macarena"-esque tune called “Bonbon” circulated the net earlier this year in the midst of the agg-RIH-vating wait for Rihanna’s still mythical ANTI, Ri’s deprived and distressed Navy were lead to believe the track was the first sound of the long-anticipated #R8. While it was quickly debunked that “Bonbon” belonged to Albanian poptart Era Istrefi, the confusion helped the song’s video skyrocket in views and chart placement across Europe.

The video, reminiscent of a one-woman Victoria’s Secret fashion show in the middle of desolate, snowy Russian street, sees Era give a captivating one-take performance of the song. With over 12 million views and a newly inked US deal via Ultra Records, the irresistibly indecipherable Albanian/English tune has a good shot at becoming one of the summer’s hottest songs — especially if pink fur hoodies become a fashion trend in the summer heat.

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