Graff: 600 Minutes in a Hot Air Balloon

graff If innovation is the key, Graff must be locksmiths. Better yet, Kick Kick Snare was just invited over to join their party, and guess what we found under the welcome mat? We're high-fiving and bear hugging ourselves in excitement to present the final piece of the puzzle that is Graff's 600-minute mix. That's ten hours of continuous, hand-selected tracks broken into a series of mixes that - when lined up - also flow seamlessly into one another. If that wasn't flattering enough, previous mixes were presented by our friends over at Beautiful Buzzz, LAMP and Caveman Sound. We suggest a ceremony where we play and connect each mix like a bunch of musical runners passing the flame in the Olympic Torch Relay. We'll no doubt finish by seeing Graff on top of the podium holding their gold medal.

“We had been working on this project for over a year and with this being the final piece of a ten hour mixtape, we kind of wanted that ‘epic' touch while also feeling like things were winding down at the end of a long journey.” - Graff

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Tracklist: Daniel Avery - Spring 27 Marvin & Guy - Dance Ability (The Journey) Elderbrook - How Many Times (Andhim remix) Ishivu - Gryning David Squillace - Blossom Konstantin Sibold - Daniel Cray76 - Burning Inside (Air mix) Sven Tasnadi - Thank You (Tim Green remix) Roman Flugel - Teenage Engineering Rancido, Kerns - Play You My Guitar (Vocal Version) Pettre - La Verdad Flota Pale Blue - One Last Thing Four Tet - Morning Side Kenton Slash Demon - Syko (Round's Slow Response mix) Ian Blevins - Hannibal Archie Bronson Outfit - Chunk (6th Borough Project mix) Chrome Sparks - Moonraker (Lauer's Acid mix) Nick Nikolov - Come Down Hot Chip - William Onyeabors Atomic Bomb (John Talabot remix) Boreal - Canopy Target Peter Kruder - Law of Return Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu remix) Tornado Wallace - Bit 1 David August - Epikur Brian Eno - 2/1