Coachella Q&A: Vanic


This guy. Vanic is responsible for so many uncontrollable dance moves, including my own, he has no idea. When his music turns on, it's like I'm a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance and I'm like YES I think I can while leaping off the couch and crashing into the reality that I should just sit down. In other words, his drops are basically wrecking balls to my attention span and make me believe I'm the next Marvel superhero (the one that saves the word by accidental dance moves apparently).

I had the opportunity to host a Q&A with Vanic leading up to his performance and this year's Coachella Music Festival, which you can check out below. Also, today sees the release of Vanic's newest remix, a gigantic twist on K.Flay's "FML," that is like a mint on your hotel pillow for you to turn down to.

1. When the Coachella lineup was announced, what's the best reaction you received from a fan, friend, or family member?

My phones didn't stop ringing. I had a lot of friends that I didn't tell until the announcement went out.. I received dozens of calls that night from friends and family asking if it was "Vancouver Vanic" playing Coachella. Not sure how many Vanics are out there but hey.

2. Are you a Coachella newbie? If so, what are you most excited or most nervous about? If you're a veteran, what's the one story that encapsulates your past Coachella experience? You know, the tale that all your friends make you tell over and over again.

I've been to Coachella twice going on three times now. The most exciting part to me is the very first day when everyone arrives on site. There's always so much to take in and everyone's always full of energy and ready to rage. There really isn't "ONE" story that's coming to mind - the whole weekend is such an amazing experience. I always leave the festival meeting a ton of new people that I'm actually looking forward to reconnecting with this year around.

3. What's in your Coachella survival bag and does that bag include any extra special add-ons for your set that we can look forward to?

Water and an iPhone battery pack... oh and more water.

4. What fellow Coachella artist are you most likely to watch front & center both weekends?

Definitely cannot wait until I see Jack U.

5. Post-Coachella, anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe? Do you promise to tell KKS next time you play in LA? Pinky promise?

Lots of original music! I'll be releasing an E.P in the summer. That's probably the most exciting part for me now. I also have a few studio dates booked in between the two weekends of Coachella.

You didn't have to ask.

I'll definitely let you know about the next L.A play!