Rooms: Stars Beyond

Rooms - Stars Beyond I didn't wake n bake, I promise. The latest single from Rooms, "Stars Beyond," just spells like patchouli oil. The Sydney-based psychedelic-pop duo get comparisons to acts like Caribou and Tame Impala, which obviously piqued our interest. Come to find out, we're getting some second-cousin-once-removed vibes in the form of Yeasayer and MGMT, as well. The song's cinematic elements blend seamlessly against a backdrop of vibrant atmospheric sounds, synth guitars, and inviting ethereal vocals that'll take you to the stars and beyond.

“This track was written in the style of a love song. It pays homage to old medieval modal music by using religious imagery to explain how science can show you the answers to the stars in a world where the church controls information” - Rooms

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