[PREMIERE] Chairlift: Romeo (HANA Remix)

Chairlift Romeo HANA Remix O Chairlift, Chairlift! wherefore art thou HANA? Since 'wherefore' here means why rather than where, the answer is easy. Who better to deliver a new, dreamy twist on the synthpop duo's otherwise rock-leaning, percussion-filled "Romeo" than HANA? Widely known as a collaborator with and inspiration to Grimes, watch HANA as she steps into prominence and in florescent fashion, or in this case, climbs down the balcony lattice and joins Romeo for a romantic midnight stroll in the pale moonlight.

In whatever way HANA might reimagine this composition and vary its flow, it's met with equal power and flexibility and manages to give a respectful nod to the original while pulling the chair out from underneath it at the same time.

"Hana and I messaged each other on Twitter a year or two ago to express our mutual fanship, and I'd been hoping to get to work with her ever since, so was thrilled when she took on a remix of ‘Romeo.’ She's a killer producer - all of her work is rich and sweeping, yet always restrained and balanced. It was awesome to hear how she turned the beat around on ‘Romeo’-- it inspired me to send her some new vocal parts to use in there as well." - Caroline of Chairlift

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