How do I love thee?

How do I love thee?

kks group bundle post may 11

Let me count the ways...

Pierce Fulton - False Proof

So many feels with this one. First, we're sent into a panic hearing Pierce Fulton was injured in a bad rope swing accident and broke multiple ribs and punctured his lung. A moment later, we're playing his latest song that features his own vocals blowing our mind towards an exciting new direction for the talented renaissance man. Listen to "False Proof" and ready yourself for four new tracks that are right around the corner making up his new EP scheduled to hit late June.

Beshken - Restless Earth

Hold on universe! Regardless of the lyrics, Beshken clearly does give a fuck. At least about releasing quality productions. His latest track "Restless Earth" is spinning right round and is so big I bet NASA is keeping an eye on it. Really, they should send the signal to all orbiting satellites and play this at max volume towards Earth - surround sound realness.

Marian Hill - I Know Why

Finally, someone knows why. Who? Marian Hill who also apologetically claims to be impossible, but taking things slow and leaving some things unsaid is A-OK. The duo clearly knows how to put musical arrangements together and weave lyrics into those soundscapes that give all the answers needed if you ask me.

Brasstracks - Good Love (feat. Jay Prince)

I'm confused. It is weird that Brasstracks is clearly giving us great love with their latest track "Good Love" featuring Jay Prince? Look, love is love, and even though these guys are being modest the song makes us want to head over to Hallmark and send out Valentine's Day cards in May. Someone stick a stamp on my forehead and mail me first class to wherever Brasstracks and Jay Prince are so I can give them both a bro-five.

LIGHTS - Slow Down (WRLD Remix)

The song title is telling me to "Slow Down" but WRLD's remix is telling me to spazz out. I wonder what LIGHTS thinks? Something tells me her megawatt smile is shining even a little bit brighter today because of this, and that's the absolute best kind of renewable energy.

Trails and Ways - My Things

The new one from Trails and Ways had me checking today's newspaper to confirm I didn't time travel back a few decades. "My Things" has me giving shot-outs to all my coveted belongings: my iPhone, MacBook Pro, hard drives, Prius and most importantly my dog. All things that are present day but each as colorful and groovy as this song, that you should definitely hit and pass to the left.

Lucian Feat. Noe: Fly By Night

Lucian Feat. Noe: Fly By Night

Calypso: Numbered

Calypso: Numbered