[PREMIERE] Allen French: Fiendin'

Allen French If you're looking for classic house vibrations with a CLARINET laced across the top, click this track. No, seriously. Do it. Even if you weren't looking for the a clarinet, click play on this tune. I don't know how Allen French pulled it off, but he did. Interspersed with orchestral and classical touches alongside soaring woodwinds, this dance track ventures into territory every other producer runs from. With arpeggiated piano, dissonant chimes, and a low-down club-ready bassline, this tune is fresh, unique, and one of the coolest things we've heard this year. Do. Not. Miss. It.

It was co-written by Joe Berry, who's currently on tour with m83, and pretty much feels to me like you've wandered down a Parisian alleyway into a smoke–filled Victorian bar, then been lead downstairs to room where the hippest of crowds is getting down to an underground set. Basically, really cool vibe.

"I think it's safe to say that we all have wants, needs and desires in life and this track caters to that specific type of feeling. It's a smokey and seductive ride and by the end of the journey you'll be fiendin' for more..." - Allen French

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