Leeuw - BLU Pulsing, plucked synthesis, and glassy pads send us soaring through Leeuw's newest tune, Blu. A color which Leeuw describes as the flash of light she sees becomes supremely close with a certain someone. Expounded upon beautifully in Blu, this songstress explores winding melodies atop a soaring, but rhythmic backbeat. It's addicting, beautiful, and haunting. Listen below!

"Sometimes when I get to know a person really well I associate them with certain colors. In my eyes, colors are something that can help explain a mood or feeling. When I think back to a simple night shared, or an unforgettable conversation, those memories tend to flash back with several types of tones. It's as if each person or situation gets a specific shining aurora ... And in this specific circumstance, I saw Blu." - Leeuw

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