Jauz X Netsky: Higher (The Prototypes Remix)

The Prototypes Guaranteed if Jauz, Netsky and The Prototypes roll into the party, the host better have good insurance. The music catalog here is arresting - not only in the sense of striking and ear-catching, but also in the sense of being handcuffed and going to jail because you got way too high. Jauz and Netsky's "Higher" will do that to you, same with The Prototypes remix of the song, so check into that insurance and probably turn your phone off while consuming because the last thing you want to do is wind up texting your ex or having your battery die when you're lost in a bush and trying to send out an SOS. All ridiculousness aside, if you love drum and bass then I love you forever. No other genre brings it home for me like it and yes, I have good insurance.

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Remix, RemixKKS Staff