Hello. Wednesday. Remixes.

remixes may 25

? ? ? Fragrant remixes freshly hand-picked from our garden to yours! ? ? ?

Janet - Alright (Kayper Remix)

We first met Kayper last month who we interviewed leading up to her DJ set at Neon Carnival during the infamous Coachella Music Festival. As if we didn't love her enough, this multi-talented renaissance woman just released a better-than-"Alright" remix of a 1989 Janet Jackson classic. Two strong female leads for the price of one; a welcomed one-two punch with a dash of #tbt (a day early) nostalgia for your speakers.

Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People (Blonde Version)

If those "2 People" are Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield of Blonde and they step into the room with a remix, our interest is piqued and our attention is undivided. The English production duo from Bristol give Jean Jacques Smoothie's tune a deep house overhaul and its an overtaking that will overwhelm your senses.

Limbic Void - Doghouse (Gabriel Gassi Remix)

What did they do!? First, Limbic Void is in the "Doghouse" and now Gabriel Gassi, too? Clearly, who ever put them there must be feeling lonely, since these two are clearly spending all their time in the studio cutting tracks and, therefore, leaving their loved ones feeling left out? I vote to keep them in the doghouse as long as we keep getting thrown these kind of bones.

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