Q&A: Billboard Chart Topper & RHOBH Erika Jayne

Q&A: Billboard Chart Topper & RHOBH Erika Jayne

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Stepping into prominence - in shoes you probably can’t afford and rigged out in florescent fashion that’s so haute couture it would send Karl Lagerfeld drifting downstream in his own sweat - enter Erika Jayne: Los Angeles-based musician, entrepreneur, and one-woman-army who masterfully straddles the line between provocative dance vixen and conservative housewife of Beverly Hills. But make no mistake, I assure you, she’s all real and even has all the makings to be your next role model. Basically, if Erika Jayne will be my life coach, then put me in the game!

There’s no doubt, Erika Jayne is of the most exquisite ladies I know, who subsequently stumbled upon superpowers. I mean, she must have, right? Clearly she has the secret formula to win at life and my goals hosting this Q&A with her are as follows: (1) compose myself, (2) ask questions from the heart - well, most of them, (3) say ‘thank you’ for the confidence she instills in everyone she meets (4) steal formula, (5) host an event together where we connect friend circles.

  Here we go!

Thanks for taking the time out to talk with me, Erika! It really is a rush of pure adrenaline getting to do this Q&A with you. My boyfriend got me addicted to Bravo in few years back. I don’t know if during the last season you could hear me through the camera lens but I’m just like my dad yelling at the TV watching baseball, the only difference is I’m yelling at the TV at Housewives. I just want you to know there was never a moment I wasn’t on your side.


1. Your accomplishments are inspiring not only to your fans and music lovers alike, but to young aspiring artists. How do you divide your time to tackle everything on your plate? In diary format, can you take us through a day in the life of Erika Jayne?

8AM: By this time I have been up for 2.5 hours. I have been to Starbucks, walked the dog and talked to Mikey Minden, and have gone over the day’s plans. 11:30AM: Finished two workouts and I am now planning lunch. Hungry. 2PM: At this point my day is in full swing whether it’s the studio, rehearsals, shooting or even at home. 5PM: Not “Quitting Time" 9PM: Shower 12AM: ZZZZ

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2. Congrats on the success of your new single, "How Many F--ks,” along with being an eight-time #1 Billboard dance chart topper. Was there a particular moment along the way when you had to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream?

EJ: I pinch myself everyday.


3. To backtrack a little, can you share with me the genesis of Erika Jayne, how this persona came to be? Was there a specific moment she came to life?

EJ: 2007 was truly the birth of Erika Jayne. I decided to create on my own terms and I never looked back.


4. I’m sure there are many, but who was your all-time favorite pop act growing up? Why were they everything to you?

EJ: I have always been a Madonna fan. I feel like she paved the way for so many artists, both male and female.

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5. Mostly because I think it will be fun, can you give me one word to describe each of the other housewives?

Kyle: Fun LVP: Adept Lisa R: Loud Yolanda: Centered Eileen: Loving Kathryn: Straightforward (Bonus!) Andy: Tastemaker

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6. What are your favorite:

- movies of all time?

EJ: Casino, Auntie Mame

- television shows you watch (outside of Bravo)?

EJ: Game of thrones, The Knick, Penny Dreadful

- sweets? Any particular candy?

EJ: Dark chocolate covered orange peel

- favorite flowers?

EJ: Gardenia


7. Not counting anything alive, but something physical, what would you say is your most prized possession?

EJ: A Christmas ornament my grandmother gave me.

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8. Finish this sentence: Out of all the incredible people I’ve encountered over the years, the best advice I ever received was...

EJ: "Be fair with people and keep people fair with you,” from Ann Peek.


9. Describe Erika Jayne with three emojis. Describe Erika Girardi with three emojis.

EJ: ✈️???

(Hey! That's four!)


If you're in Los Angeles June 10th, come hang out with us and watch Erika storm the stage at Mr. Black to celebrate Pride.

Erika Jayne Mr. Black

Keep tabs on Erika's adventures by following her on Twitter, here!

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