Christofi Feat. Malia: Higher

Christofi Feat Malia - Higher If I could spam emojis right now, I would be smashing my face onto the fire emoji x 10,000. You'd be reading a page full of ceaseless cartoon flames. And yes, it would be straight fire. But since we live in a world where we're still limited to reviewing songs in english, I'm just gonna go ahead and let all y'all know that this house-tinged tune should be cranked as loud as possible as you cruise down the highway this Saturday night. Windows down, hands out the window type vibrations. Check out what Christofi has to say about it below and don't you dare miss it.

"I produced the instrumental for this almost a year ago. Finding the vocalist I heard in my head wasn’t easy and months passed by. I finally found Malia after hearing her perform locally and knew she was the one. Everything came together very quick and easy after that and I'm really happy with the result." - Christofi

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