[PREMIERE] Mahalia: Back Up Plan (Maths Time Joy Remix)

Mahalia - Back Up Plan (Maths Time Joy Remix) The only plan here is to let Maths Time Joy's remix of Mahalia's "Back Up Plan" successfully lead us into the week ahead. No substitute or outside support needed, just glide between these electronic and R&B touchstones with rousing expansive synth pads giving way to shimmering glitches and a chilled out groove. Before you know it, you'll be hitting the accelerator and shifting to a roll down the windows and shout the lyrics in your car kind of intensity. No doubt, Mahalia rides the groove of the record, sounding coolly sultry amid the retro, analog warmth of Maths Time Joy. Together, they're like a perfectly wound clock: right on time.

"Mahalia is one of the most talented artists I've worked with. For someone so young she has such a clear vision of what she wants to represent and say as an artist. We've had some really good writing sessions together so doing this remix was the natural next step and a good way to blend our two styles.” - Maths Time Joy

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