[PREMIERE] Shakecraft & Kamereon: Sweat

shakecraftkamereon sweat I was just having a conversation with a friend about Soul Cycle and how she's now roped into her company's group class later this week. She called basically to say goodbye. Luckily, I was able to share with her the perfect antidote to overcome her lack of cardio skills; enter: the latest release to come out on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters label (Danny, who you may recognize as the popular BBC Radio 1 DJ). The song is called "Sweat" and it comes courtesy of two mysterious London-based artists, Shakecraft & Kamereon. While the repetitive lyric "get on the floor" probably isn't fitting for my friend during spin class, it fits just about every other need for any music-lover looking for a pure adrenaline rush. This high-quality, high-energy tune is a dark house stomper with vocals that are as luring as they are seductive for the mainstream audience with underground flair. Check it out!

"Sweat is a reminder of London's underground scene in its purest form, dark sleazy spaces, intense energy, sexual tension, escape from reality." - Shakecraft & Kamereon

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