TheThursday Bundle


TheThursday bundle, just in time for the weekend

with artwork inspired by TheWeeknd’s second mixtape, ‘Thursday.’

A mouthful, I know, but luckily an earful, too!


Fletcher - Avalanche

I first fell for Fletcher upon hearing her debut "War Paint" almost exactly one year ago. I've since fallen for her time and time again, so much so that I should send her my health insurance bill. With Fletcher's new single called "Avalanche," I'm starting to question whether or not she's out to get me. No doubt, she's a musical warrior that consistently keeps the industry on its toes, accompanied by a megawatt smile that gives even the sun a run for its warm.


2ToneDisco - Tummy Treasures Ft. Ducky

Is anyone else addicted to the Food Network's Chopped? Basically, 2ToneDisco's new single "Tummy Treasures" is the soundtrack to my imaginary episode where K-Pop stars compete against each other and turn baskets of mystery ingredients into a three-course meal. The catch here is that the ingredients are food emojis only and all dishes are tasted and judged by Ducky.


Oliver Nelson - Changes ft. River

Personally, I welcome change. Sure, Oliver Nelson is well-known for his summery nu-disco tracks, but with "Changes" we see the producer expose a darker, edgier side he's calling "Deep-Disco" and we're into it. Bring on the heavier, moodier, slow tempo vibes that are warmly met by River whose vocal prowess glistens upstream.


Calypso - Hunting

There is something timeless about Calypso's music that, while playing to a listener’s sense of nostalgia, still feels fresh. The singer's self-titled debut EP features four impressive offerings that form the foundation of what will undoubtedly be a breakthrough indie-electro release. Our personal favorite, "Hunting" rises to the top with its dynamic chord progressions over immediately engaging rhythmic motifs that burrow deep.

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