Sofi Tukker Feat. Betta Lemme: Awoo

SOFI TUKKER Feat. Betta Lemme - Awoo Now that's how you write a piano lick. Seriously. I know that phrase sounds insane, but when there's only 12 notes on a piano, finding something novel and hooky using the same tools Bach used seems hardest task in the world. But, somehow, Sofi Tukker have done it. And they've beelined it straight to our hearts. Full of syncopated percussion, sparse vocal harmonies, and expertly-laced delay effects, this NY duo sends our brain into a buzzing frenzy. And after running that buoyant riff for what seems like measure after measure, they switch up the vibrations and take us down the road to pure electronic bliss. Take us to the promised land, Sofi Tukker. *praise emoji x 3*

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