TheThursday Bundle: 063016

thethursday bundle june 30

TheThursday bundle, just in time for the weekend

with artwork inspired by TheWeeknd’s second mixtape, ‘Thursday.’

A mouthful, I know, but luckily an earful, too!


The Golden Pony - Lost Yourself (feat. JT Mak)

Cheers to Tipsy Records on their latest summer offering, "Lost Yourself" by The Golden Pony. The NYC duo will ride you right off into the sunset with their catchy grooves and melodies whether you're lost or tipsy. You're in good hands, especially with a vocal assist from JT Mak, just be sure to hang on tight.


Embody feat. FEiN - Remember Us

London-based Embody knows we like our chords lush, our rhythms magnificent, and vocal tones warm. So without further ado, welcome "With You" featuring FEiN here with a delivery via Armada Deep that's greater than a stack of pepperoni pizzas after a visit to the dispensary.


Fransis Derelle FT. Benji Lewis - Wont Let Go

If Fransis Derelle's latest single "Won't Let Go" was an actual time on the clock, I'd say it's 1:30AM at last call. So basically the equivalent of me at a club hanging on to those last few melodic minutes before the lights turn on and security starts ushering everyone out. I tell ya, with Benji Lewis's vocals mixed into that scenario, you could probably find me gripping the door-frame with two bouncers pulling on my feet from the other side.


Draper - Ready For Us (feat. Sykes)

"Are you ready for us," asks Draper's new single featuring Sykes. I don't know, are you ready to see me flip this bitch upside-down? Not sure where I'm going with that, but it's my answer to getting my feet swept off the ground with Draper's playful key progressions and Sykes's lovely serenade. "Ready For Us" is another monster meow from Monstercat, worthy of a big bag of fresh catnip.

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