Got the blog going up on a Tuesday

on a tuesday  

?? ?? Got the blog going up on a Tuesday ? ???

  Sälen - Diseasey

I was told "this is a song to soundtrack the bad decisions that felt so right at the time." Perfect. So I will be uploading this to my boombox necklace and playing it 24/7 since I seem to find myself constantly in awkward situations that leave everyone involved asking "why?" The "because" is within Sälen's "Diseasey," and the more you play it the more you'll understand.


Running after an Amtrak train doesn't make a lot of sense. Sounds exhausting and pointless, actually. How does the saying go? "It's better to make a difference than to make a point." OK so my point is that you should instead exhaust yourself to Amtrac's "Running After" and burn those calories while making a difference on the dance floor.

Daniela Andrade - Sound

By definition "Sound" is: vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach a person's ear. That doesn't seem to give justice to Daniela Andrade's latest single, because when her "Sound" reaches my ear it's equally felt. The song’s lullaby nature will help neutralize all anxieties and have any listener quickly dozing off into a dreamlike state giving the Sandman the night off.

Jerry Folk - Stanley ft. Tommellie & WoodzSTHLM

There are certain artists that I bet never get writer's block. Writing and producing is just what they do. It's in their DNA. Even the song they hum while taking the trash out is basically a musical that should open on Broadway, having gentlemen dusting off their tuxes and ladies their finest gowns. Jerry Folk is one of those artists. His latest track, "Stanley," features Tommellie and WoodzSTHLM, and together they bring all the standing ovations.

ZHU - Hometown Girl

I feel like gay, straight, whatever, everyone has that "Hometown Girl." That one you hate to love and love to hate. She knows everything about you and still sticks around (unlike the "get around girl"). Well today is her lucky day because ZHU put together this audio Hallmark card for you to send her. Naturally she will ask "what did you do?" or "why are you being so nice to me" because she knows you're a troublemaker just like her, but in this case you're just giving a nod to your #1 and getting a get-out-of-jail-free card to hold on to at the same time.